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4 Drugstore Dewy Foundations That Get the Job Done

Where are my beauties that love when their makeup glows? A dewy foundation will get you right every time. They not only give your skin a luminizing glow; they are also good for those who experience dry skin. Here are my top drugstore foundations for a dewy finish.

Maybelline Fitme Dewy + Smooth Foundation $10.99 at Target

If you’re looking for a good hydrating foundation, Maybelline Fitme Dewy + Smooth Foundation might just become your new best friend. After applying the product my skin was left with a nice even glow, and it did indeed appear dewy. I will say that the variety for brown skin complexions are limited. You may have to mix two together to create a shade that matches. (Yea I know girl, it's hard out here for us melanin queens.) It's not a very heavy foundation. When applied to my skin it gives medium coverage. All in all it is a really good product.

Maybelline Dream Radiant Liquid $5.39 at Target

Right now this is my favorite drugstore foundation. It is the "glowiest" of glowy(I definitely made those words up) foundations that I've found in a drugstore. I use shade 130 in "Cocoa", and I have normal skin. The "Dream Radiant Liquid" foundation provides medium coverage. It also contains hyaluronic acid, which puts moisture back into the skin leaving the skin feeling and looking moisturized. Perfect for dry skin. It also contains collagen which helps give the skin a plump look. On the downside this foundation takes a good minute to dry. I've found that the foundation takes better when applied on top of a powder. After washing the foundation off at the end of the day; my skin always feels hydrated and you cannot go wrong with that. The hyaluronic acid really does its job.

NYX Professional Makeup Born To Glow Radiant Foundation $5.99 at Target

Okay NYX, come through with the 45 shades. It's very rare that a drugstore brand has a plethora of shades. So this might be a brand you want to explore. (Their "Born to Glow" concealer is the best by the way!) This is a buildable medium to full coverage foundation. I always go for medium coverage, and NYX foundation has lasted me all day.

E.L.F. Camo CC Cream $14 at Target

E.L.F Camo CC Cream is my 2nd favorite. It's a full coverage color correcting foundation. I've found that a little goes a long way when applied. Camo CC Cream comes in 20 shades. I know 20 doesn't seem like a lot to choose from, but they actually have a nice selection of melanin shades. The foundation goes on smooth and it last all day. I like that it doesn't hide my natural complexion. When applied, you can barely tell I'm wearing any makeup and I absolutely love that in a foundation. A bonus with the Camo CC Cream is that it has SPF 30 in it. (Yes, sis we all need sunscreen.) I will warn you that this foundation isn't the dewiest, but I have a tip if you want to give any of your foundations a little extra glow.

Dewy Foundation Tip: Try adding a little Vitamin E oil to your foundation. Not only will it give your skin an added glow; your skin will soak up the vitamin E and love you for it.


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