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Tis' the Season to Love Makeup: Beauty Bakerie's Newest Releases

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Photo retrieved from Instagram

There is something about this time of year that gives me a craving for sweets. One of my favorite beauty brands is guaranteed to fulfill my sugar craving. Beauty Bakerie, a black-owned beauty brand, created by Cashmere Nicole never disappoints. Founded in 2011, their mission has been to create healthy ingredient products; meant to, "sweeten the lives of others." This holiday season Beauty Bakerie has new beauty goodies, that are sure to get your sweet tooth jumping.

Here are 3 of Beauty Bakerie's newest holiday releases.

Reviewed by Tyler Iman

photo obtained from Beauty Bakerie

Before I even get into how wonderfully, awesome this primer is; let's talk about this packaging. Cashmere Nicole is one of the most creative beauty brand CEOs when it comes to product design and packaging. I would love for my stick of butter to come in a cream box with metallic writing. This primer is my favorite primer at the moment. It is perfect for my normal/oily skin. The hydration it gives my skin is out of this world; with ingredients like Goji berry how could my skin not love this primer? If you're looking for a lightweight, pore-filling primer that gives you all-day hydration THIS IS THE ONE FOR YOU! Butter Stick Primer gives my foundation a smooth, pore minimizing effect that lasts all day. I even wear Butter Stick on days that I don't wear makeup for the hydration and smooth look it gives my skin.

photo obtained from Beauty Bakerie

Okay, I am not going to lie. I bought this pallet because of the name, and the nostalgia it brings me. Who remembers eating Neapolitan ice cream as a kid? This pallet is a multipurpose pallet that I take everywhere. Not only can it be used as a blush, bronzer, and highlighter; it is great as an eyeshadow. I used the Neapolitan Bar to complete my entire natural daytime look, and get this IT LASTED ALL DAY. Beauty Bakerie is big on creating products with a "fade-free formula" and so far they have stuck true to that commitment. If you are anything like me with very little time in the morning to do your makeup; this pallet will definitely come in handy. It is also small enough to fit in my everyday bag, which is a major plus for those mornings when I'm doing my makeup in the car.

photo obtained from Beauty Bakerie

Whoa did I just smell chocolate? Have you ever had an eyeshadow pallete that smelled like chocolate? Me either, until now. That's right, the new Sugar Cookies pallete by Beauty Bakerie smells like chocolate. The chocolate aroma coming from the pallet excites me, but nothing is more exciting than the long-lasting formula used. I was able to go all day without retouching my eyeshadow. It comes with 9 eyeshadow colors, 5 matte, and 4 shimmering. This eyeshadow pallet is made with organic shea butter; you can always count on Beauty Bakerie to incorporate skin-loving ingredients in their products. The Sugar Cookies pallette is highly pigmented, and the color selection is gorgeous. I have used this pallet for both day and evening looks, and it has yet to disappoint. In the words of Cashmere Nicole, "Be Better, not Bitter," this holiday season, and fill the makeup guru in your life stocking with these sweet treats. I promise you they will not be disappointed! You can shop Beauty Bakerie online at or in-store at Ulta Beauty.

P.S. If you gift yourself, I promise I won't tell.


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