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9 Oil Cleansers and Balms to Try

After a long day at work or a late night out the most dreadful thing to do is remove your makeup before laying down. It’s literally like another job in itself. Luckily, to make removing makeup less painful beauty brands created heaven-sent oil cleansers and balms. If you have not started using one you are missing out. They will change the way you look at removing your makeup forever. I know what you're thinking..."Oil? On my skin? Uh no, that's a breakout waiting to happen". But what if I told you they actually do the opposite? Cleansing oils and balms work to remove makeup, sweat, dirt, debris, excess oil, and unclog pores! So yes, men if you are reading this an oil cleanser will be beneficial to you as well. Cleansing oils do not sink into your pores they actually do the opposite by binding together with the impurities and free radicals on your skin. Oil cleansers and balms are able to pull dirt from the skin by mixing with the "bad oils" such as excess sebum and dirt from makeup and the environment. When the oil is washed off, the bad oils wash away with it. Adding an oil cleanser to your routine is like a skin prep before using your everyday water based cleanser. Cleansing with oil first allows your cleanser to work more effectively because it now has a clean canvas to work on. So say "goodbye" to using multiple makeup wipes (because for whatever reason no matter how much you wipe, the makeup just doesn't want to go away completely) and a handful of cleanser, and say "hello" to balm oil cleansers that'll make life a little bit easier. (And we all need that!)

Here are 9 Oil Cleansers and Balms that will make taking your makeup off a breeze:

Dermalogica Precleanse $45

e.l.f. Holy Hydration! Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm $10

Paula's Choice Omega+ Complex Cleansing Balm $28

Fresh Seaberry Skin Nutrition Cleansing Oil $43

Milani Green Goddess Makeup Melter Cleansing Balm $11.99

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil Facial Cleanser $13.99

Tula Replenishing Cleansing Oil $32

Innisfree Pore Clearing Volcanic Cleansing Balm $10

Dermalogica Precleanse Balm $45


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